Affordable Ways to Update an Outdated Kitchen

Affordable Ways to Update an Outdated Kitchen

By Jane Blanchard, Guest Blogger

Your kitchen isn’t just where you cook your meals and store your food. Today the kitchen is the center of our home; it’s where we eat, where we hang out, and is frequently the room where families spend the most time together. If you’re wanting to bring your kitchen into the twenty-first century and a total overhaul isn’t within your budget, here are some effective yet inexpensive ways to update your kitchen and make it a space that better represents your design sensibilities.

Paint Those Dark, Dated Cabinets

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If your home was built twenty or more years ago, you’ve probably got very dark cabinets, which means you’ll want to bring color and light into the space. When your cabinets are wood and still structurally sound, a couple coats of paint in a fun color can bring your kitchen back into the now.

In the kitchen pictured above, the cabinets were painted a lovely shade of matte blue and affixed with stainless steel fixtures to give a more refreshing, playful, contemporary look. And the best part is that this transformation will cost you just a fraction of what even the cheapest cabinets would set you back.

Rethink the Lighting Situation

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Lighting is easily overlooked, but putting in new fixtures and adding under-cabinet lighting can make a huge difference. The galley kitchen pictured here, at left, features hanging beaded globe lights that cast beautiful and dramatic light through the room.

The lighting installed beneath the cabinets can illuminate all the chopping and prep for your meals and are as attractive as they are functional.

Additionally, if you shop smart for your fixtures, this update definitely won’t break the bank.

Crown Those Cabinets

You’re probably aware that most kitchen cabinets don’t reach the ceiling. Depending on ceiling height and cabinet size, there could be a small space up to a rather large space between the top of your cabinets and your ceiling.

A great way to add style to your kitchen without replacing your cabinetry is to build crown molding to attach to the top of your cabinets. Whether the molding closes the gap to the ceiling or is just a decorative extension, building crown moldings won’t cost near as much as replacing your cabinets would.

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Additionally, if you build a frame on the molding you can attach the moldings from behind without having to fill nail holes. As you can see in the kitchen pictured here, crown moldings can enhance the way your cabinets look and make a huge difference in your kitchen.

Bringing Back Vinyl

Vinyl floors have had a bad reputation. However, there are now some truly beautiful vinyl floors on the market that are inexpensive and come in a remarkable variety of colors and patterns. Whether you want a hardwood or poured concrete look, or maybe you prefer a tiled look, there are many vinyl options to choose from.

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Vinyl peel-and-stick tiles are laid one by one, which is why they look infinitely better than those sheets of linoleum that probably make you cringe. As in the kitchen pictured here with vinyl floors meant to look like stained concrete, vinyl is a great, affordable way to renew your outdated kitchen.

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