A Run Through My Penthouse Project

My design for the entry lobby for the building where the penthouse is located. Click the image to visit Comfort and Joy Home Design, by Nicolette Toussaint.

I don’t usually brag about my own work here, but I am so jazzed about this, I can’t help myself. I have been designing a penthouse, using Revit for Architecture, 2010. It’s incredibly cool. I just learned how to make a “walk through” movie of the project, and I’m so excited I can hardly sit still!

I uploaded the movie to YouTube, and it plays a bit more like a run-through than a walk through (if I add a soundtrack, it will have to be “Flight of the Bumblebee” rather than the promenade from “Pictures at an Exhibition”) but it’s really fun nonetheless.

I’m not entirely finished with this design – you may notice that I haven’t yet installed the curved counter and the coffee-height counter that will separate the dining room from the kitchen. But it’s fun to look at work in progress.

This means that not only can I design the remodel for your house, I can take you on a tour before you even meet the contractor!

UPDATE: I revised the runthrough, and found the button to slow it down a little. It’s still too fast, but improved from my initial attempt so I took down number 1, and have posted number 2 below.


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